Alcatraz Collar


a collar that will not pinch you



Size: standard ankle and cuff size, if too loose or too tight we can remake new ones for you.  the belt we will need a size for your waist.    custom sizes are welcome

Made of: Flat steel, hinges and chain.  and a cloth bag.

Production Time:  one week

Color: silver

Shipping: shipped in a box (shipping will be quoted)

The Alcatraz was designed to be the best in quality and design on the internet.

It has a two hinge system to stop the cuffs pinching you as you are wearing them. The second hinge takes the clasp over the top with a pin in it to go into the cuff to prevent it from pinching you.

also the contact with your body is flat and massive,  so you will not hurt yourself if you are thrashing about.

this set includes neck collar and the bag to hold it all (the bag fabric will change)

look at the photo of the ankle to see how this system works.

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